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        •Do you need to raise money for your organization?   Eileen’
s Colossal Cookies can help!

•Our fundraising program offers great profit for your group.  
make $5.00
on each tub of dough you sell!

•Eileen’s Colossal Cookies has a well-recognized product with a
solid reputation of quality.

How does the Eileen’s Colossal Cookie’s fundraising program work?

1.We will work with you to plan the best time for your fundraiser and
answer any questions you might have.

2.We provide you with enough order forms and sales flyers for each
selling member of you group.

3.Your group then pre-sells the tubs of dough, collecting the money at
the time you take the orders.  The dough is available in 7 flavors.

4.When you are done selling, just bring us the forms with your total

5. We will have your cookie dough ready in approximately 5 to 10 days,
depending on size of order.  It must be kept cold or frozen until it has
been delivered.  Please bring boxes when you pick up your dough.

6.Payment will be required either at the time you turn in the order
forms, or when you pick up the dough.